About Airbag Module Reset + Seat Belt Repair

Your search for SRS airbag module reset & seat belt repair service is over. We are the specialists that will get your car back on the road after an accident. Whether you rebuild salvage cars for a living or have personally been in a fender bender, we will help you save thousands! All of our SRS airbag module resets clear crash data and hard codes in your unit – something an OBD airbag scanner cannot do. Our seat belt repair service includes a full retrator, pretensioner or a buckle rebuild using 100% OEM parts. Your seat belt will work like new during an accident and your vehicle will pass safety inspections. We also offer seat belt webbing replacement service on frayed & dog chewed seat belts. We can match your existing seat belt color or upgrade to any custom color you wish! Your safety is our #1 priority, but saving you money is a solid #2. Order the services you need below and start saving!

24 Hour Turnaround

In addition to Lifetime Warranty on all of our OEM repair services.

100% OEM Parts

Our certified technicians only use 100% OEM parts to rebuild your seatbelts safely to factory condition.

How It Works

Place the order online for the service you need.

Mail in your parts to us for repair.

We repair within 24 hours and mail back to you!