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We took the auto industry by storm, providing unprecedented savings while offering the highest quality repairs – all without sacrificing quality.
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Lifetime Warranty

We proudly provide a lifetime warranty on all repairs.

100% OEM Parts

We use 100% OEM parts to repair your seat belt.

24hr Turnaround

We repair all items within 24hrs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

"They have provided me with great service by resetting my SRS module and repairing the Seat belt in my Honda Civic at an affordable price!"

David Z.Satisfied Customer

"These bad boys came quickly thanks to SRS Restore. Simply pull your stock ones out, ship with USPS flat rate. Repairs were done in 24hrs."

Jacob R.Satisfied Customer

"Saved a few hundreds by getting my locked Acura seat belts repaired instead of buying new. Great quality service, fast repair."

Tim P.Satisfied Customer

"Fast service, really nice quality seat belt webbing, the turnaround was great too. Thanks SRS Restore."

Zak R.Satisfied Customer

Seat belt repair.

We provide a proprietary seat belt repair service that allows us to fix seat belt retractors, pretensioners, and buckles in less than 24hrs. Using 100% OEM parts, we refurbish your seat belts to like new condition meeting or exceeding all FMVSS Standards. Our repair service replaces all broken internal components.

Seat Belt Repair Testimonials

SRS Restore did an excellent job at my seat belt retractor repair. The process was simple and fast. I am very satisfied with their level of service and the repair that they made. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of any safety repair.

Kevin N.Satisfied Customer

Easy process online and fair price to fix seat belt. More economical than buying new seat belt ( 1/3 cost in my case). Would recommend and use again.

Ellliot O.Satisfied Customer

Very happy with the service, seatbelt is of great quality and the work was done quickly!

Karen L.Satisfied Customer

Such a quick and easy process! I sent my seatbelt to them and had it back and installed in a few days! Much cheaper than buying new. Thank you!

Stephen A.Satisfied Customer

Airbag Module Reset.

We provide an affordable airbag module reset service that allows us to reset SRS airbag controllers in less than 24hrs. We use OEM programming so you can rest assured all crash data will be erased and your light will go off.

Module Reset Testimonials

Thanks so much again for the good service and the fast turnaround for my seatbelt and modules you stuff know what to do fixing parts an very good service again thanks will be doing business with you again soon thanks.

Luis Q.Satisfied Customer

Quick turnaround and a good job in my 15 malibu module and seat belts. Good quality work, highly recommend.

Paul A.Satisfied Customer

You guys did a fantastic job on my module reset and seat belt repair. You’ve earned my trust and if I need similar services again I won’t be going elsewhere.

Tim O.Satisfied Customer

I have been using SRS Restore for a couple of years and will continue to do so. Love the quality of work and speed Thank you SRS Restore

Jack A.Satisfied Customer

Webbing replacement.

A webbing replacement service that allows us to re-web seat belts in less than 24hrs. Using OEM certified webbing we replace your seat belt webbing with new brand new webbing. We also offer custom seat belt colors! In addition, dog chewed, frayed and classic car seat belts can be restored.

Webbing Replacement Testimonials

These guys are great! Couldn't find new seatbelts anywhere and didn't want to get them from the junkyard. These guys replaced the fabric and repaired the spring, super fast!

Stephan O.Satisfied Customer

My dog chewed through the webbing of one of my seatbelts in my Subaru Crosstrek. To have it replaced would have cost me around $300. I had a free shipping coupon so my total cost with SRS Restore was around $90. I did struggle a little getting my seatbelt out because the crosstrek was set up a little differently than the videos provided. But, once I got the unit out, the rest was super simple. The replacement webbing matches my other seatbelts well. Once in the mail, it took a total of 5 days to have it back in my hands and that includes a weekend. It was well wrapped in bubble wrap and sealed tightly. I will 100% use and recommend this service moving forward. Awesome. Read Less

Hillary T.Satisfied Customer

Driver side seat belt became frayed. It would cost me over $200.00 to replace it. Found this website and sent in both front driver and passenger seat belts. In the meantime I carpooled to work. Got them back and they both look brand new and work perfectly fine. Cost me less to have both redone than buying 1 new one. 100% SATISFIED!!!!!

Kenny D.Satisfied Customer

I saved a lot of money and have a brand new seatbelt. My dog had chewed through my F150 driver's side seatbelt which would have been more than $250 to replace with a new OEM part. Instead, SRS Restore re-fitted a new belt, matching the original color, etc. The only downside is having no belt while you ship the broken one to them, but their turnaround was really fast. Thanks again!

Michael F.Satisfied Customer