Airbag Reset

Welcome to the one repair facility the specializes in everything to get your airbag reset after accident. If your vehicle has been in an accident and your airbag light is on, you have crash data stored in the computer known as the SRS unit, ACM, ECU, DCM and other. Crash data cannot be reset via OBD airbag scanner. If your airbags deployed, then you will also have hard codes in addition to the crash data. If you go to the dealer, you will be told that you need a new SRS module that costs hundreds of dollars. On top of that, the new SRS airbag control module will need to be programmed to your vehicle and initiated. This adds up to a huge bill. We offer an SRS airbag module reset service for only $49.99 and guarantee to remove all crash data and hard codes in your airbag module, making it like new again. This airbag reset alternative is fast and affordable. You will need to remove your SRS airbag module and mail it in to us for an airbag reset.

Airbag Light On

If you have an airbag light on after accident, you will need an OBD airbag scanner to retrieve the codes. These codes, known as hard codes & soft codes, will let you know exactly what is wrong. Anything from the airbags being deployed to a faulty seat sensor can trigger the airbag light on and generate codes. Some soft codes can easily be reset or erased using an OBD airbag scanner. Others, you will need to first repair the issue and then use an higher-end OBD airbag scanner. Lastly, hard codes and crash data cannot be reset using any tools. This reason for airbag light on will require a proper airbag module reset service we offer.

Airbag Module Reset Tool

As mentioned above, an airbag module reset tool may be required to retrieve and reset or erase soft codes. The OBD airbag scan tool is a great way to know exactly what is wrong with the SRS system and what needs to fixed. There are many scan tools available, starting from brands like Snap-on to Autel. Some being as affordable as $50 (usually just for retrieving codes) to others that costs thousands – being able to erase soft codes. We’ve put together some great choices for you here. Remember that regardless which airbag scan tool you use, you will not be able to erase crash data or hard codes. That is a service that only we are able to perform. You will need to remove your SRS airbag module and mail it in to us for a full reset.

Reset Airbag Module After Deployment

If your airbags deployed during a crash/accident, you will certainly need to reset your airbag module. This means a full reprogramming for the unit/computer. This is the very service we specialize in and work on all makes & models. To reset an airbag module after deployment, you will not need to program anything! All you have to do is remove your SRS airbag module out of your vehicle and mail it in to us for a reset. We do all the programming within 24 hours of receiving and mail it back promptly. Once your receive your reset SRS computer from us, all you have to do is disconnect your battery and install in. It’s that easy after deployment!

Airbag Module Location

Your SRS airbag module location is usually underneath the center console and rarely under a seat. Usually accessible from the right of the accelerator pedal after removing all trim. Be sure to always disconnect the battery before proceeding to remove the airbag module. Some airbag modules modules are yellow and other black, purple or orange. While many vehicles have a dedicated airbag module, there is only a handful of manufacturers that all car manufacturers share. Refer to the following illustration to help you locate your airbag module.

Airbag Module Reset

All crash data & hard codes cleared after accident.