Car Speedometer Calibration

The vehicles cluster, is also referred to as the vehicle’s speedometer. It has the job of displaying the tachometer gauge, odometer gauge, gas/fuel, gauge, temperature gauge, as well as transmission gauge. A speedometer indicates how fast the vehicle is traveling at any given moment. The odometer tells us how far the vehicle has traveled. They work hand in hand to determine if any services are needed, and to help keep you driving safely on the road. If you notice the speedometer is giving an incorrect reading, sticking, fluttering, or just not working, then there may be an issue with it and you may need to get the speedometer repaired or calibrated by a professional.

A speedometer is calibrated to ensure that the magnetic field torque reads and displays the correct speed of the vehicle. It does this by using information about the gear ratio of the drive cable, the tires diameter, as well as the drive ratio in the differential. If any of these are changed like getting new tires or getting a salvage to repair, the speedometer needs to be calibrated to accommodate those changes. The easiest way to calibrate the speedometer is to modify the magnetic field strength. This is done by using an electromagnet to adjust to match the input from the device’s drive cable.

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