The Importance of Airbags In a Vehicle

Importance of Airbags in Vehicles

From a young age, most of us learn about the importance of wearing a seat belt at all times. We learn all the different reasons as to why it is so crucial to be secured in one, as it can be the difference between our life and death. However, the importance of airbags is almost never stressed to us. Even though airbags are not something we can personally secure ourselves into like a seat belt, they are just as crucial in keeping us safe in the case of a serious accident. Below, let me elaborate on their importance in a vehicle.

To begin with, airbags have been manufactured to serve as supplementary restraint systems to the primary restraint system—seatbelts—to protect us from serious injuries when an accident occurs. The design of the airbags in a vehicle allows them to inflate very quickly before rapidly deflating during sudden deceleration or collision with another object. Whereas seat belts protect occupants of a vehicle mostly from being ejected from the front, rear, or side windows, the job of airbags is a little bit different. The airbags in a vehicle are made up of a flexible fabric bag, an airbag cushion, an inflation module, and an impact sensor—which give occupants a soft restraint during a collision event. This aids in preventing impact or injuries caused by impact between the car and the car’s occupant(s). Basically, airbags cushion the otherwise severe blow a passenger would encounter during a collision—and possibly save that passenger’s life as well as appearance.

Just as important as the airbags in a vehicle is the SRS airbag module system. This is what stores crash data and hard codes in the event of a crash. To remove these, only an airbag module reset will do. An airbag module reset erases all the stored information and brings the unit back to factory settings. If you were recently involved in a crash, get an airbag module reset at the company Safety Restore today!

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