What We Do

SRS Restore provides SRS repair services for components damaged during an accident. We reset airbag modules, rebuilt seatbelts and replace seatbelt webbing. All makes & models manufactured in year 1996-present are generally compatible. SRS Restore airbag module reset & seatbelt repair services are right for you if:

  • Airbag light is on
  • Airbags deployed
  • Hard codes stored
  • Crash data stored
  • Vehicle’s been in an accident
  • Seatbelts are locked
  • Seatbelts are blown
  • Pretensioner is locked
  • Anchor pretensioner is blown
  • Retractor is locked
  • Retractor is not retracting
  • Retractor is retracting slowly
  • Seatbelt is frayed/fraying
  • Seatbelt is worn out
  • Seatbelt is chewed by your dog

Our service is walk-in or mail-in oriented. You will need to remove your SRS airbag module or seatbelt out of the vehicle and mail it in to us for repair. We pride ourselves in the following service offers:

  • 24 Hour Turnaround
  • 100% OEM Parts
  • Lifetime Warranty

What that means is all packages we receive are repaired within 24 hours and are shipped back promptly. All seatbelts are repaired using 100% OEM parts to meet or exceed manufacturer specifications and everything is backed up by our Lifetime Warranty.

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Airbag module reset is a service to reset your SRS unit, ECU, ACM, RCM, SDM or airbag computer after accident. When a vehicle gets into an accident, data is written unto the computer known as crash data. Crash data cannot be removed via regular OBD airbag scanners. This crash data may hold information such as airbag deployment, seatbelt pretensioner status, clockspring information, impact & crash sensors operations and of course communications with the rest of the SRS system. Airbag modules should only be reset once everything in the vehicle is complete and all faults are addressed. We provide state of the art service, using the latest and greatest programming techniques to reset your SRS airbag module back to OEM. We guarantee to remove all crash data and hard codes in your SRS airbag module, making it work like new again.

Seatbelt repair includes the rebuild of seatbelt retractors, pretensioners and/or buckles. These type of seatbelts are equipped with a gas charge that goes off during an accident, making the seatbelt lock up. Once deployed, the seatbelts will no longer work and your airbag light will go off indicating that there is a problem. Our seatbelt repair service is an alternative to seatbelt replacement that is fast and affordable. Our experienced technicians work closely with the head engineers to rebuild each and every single seatbelt we receive to meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. You will receive your very own seatbelt rebuilt to work like new! We guarantee all of our seatbelt repairs with Lifetime Warranty & 100& money back. Large shops opted to get thier seatbelts repaired instead of buying new ones from dealers or used from junk yards, and have saved thousands!

Our seatbelt webbing replacement service is perfect for frayed, ripped, cut & dog chewed seatbelts. It is also a great option if you are looking to upgrade the color to something exotic like red, yellow, green, blue, white or anything else! We complete all seatbelt webbing replacements within 24 hours and ship them right back to you. We preserve all original tags and components, migrating them unto the new seatbelt and stitch everything to completion. If you’re restoring a classic car or an antique and need the seatbelts refurbished, our seatbelt webbing replacement service is also a great option.