Why Are Airbags So Important?

Why airbags are so important

Most of our brains were drilled from a young age about the importance of seat belts. We heard that seat belts prevent serious injuries and that they can greatly reduce the probability of death after an accident. We learned and repeatedly heard of all the statistics surrounding car accidents and the usage of seat belts. However, we never really heard much about airbags. We all know that they are equipped in all cars but we did not grow up hearing about their importance as much as seat belts. However, airbags serve quite a crucial role in a vehicle. Let me explain just how important they are.

To start with, airbags were purposely created to serve alongside seat belts. Whereas seat belts were termed primary restraint systems, airbags were named secondary restraint systems. Their sole purpose was designated to protect occupants of a vehicle from severe injury in the event of a crash. We have all seen images of car accident scenes and the faces of those who were injured. It may be hard to believe at times, but if those vehicles did not have properly functioning airbags in place—the injuries would be much, much worse! Or, if you have ever been in an accident yourself and the airbags have gone out, you can testify to the fact that they protected you from getting more hurt than if they were not there.

The way airbags were manufactured is to give occupants of a vehicle a soft “cushion” to fall on rather than colliding into another occupant or crashing into the interior of the vehicle. This was made way by an actual airbag cushion, a flexible fabric bag, an impact sensor, and an inflation module. Airbags do not protect from ejection of a vehicle like seat belts do, but they do protect your face and your body from getting mangled in a collision.

Similar to airbags, the SRS airbag module system in vehicles does not get much credit, even though it serves a very important role. In the event of a crash, the airbag module stores crash data and hard codes. The thing is, nothing but an airbag light reset can erase that information, so it is crucial to get an airbag light reset immediately after an accident. If you find yourself needing an airbag light reset, head over to the company Safety Restore today!

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